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You are excited about LEVOOBA as it’s the first real live multiplayer Voice-first Amazon Alexa Skill? We are too! So please go ahead and check out out short video demonstration about how LEVOOBA works for kids and learners of all ages.

Are you interested in trying out LEVOOBA? Activate LEVOOBA Kids in the Alexa App in the Skill Store. Also available in the UK Skill Store.

Educational Technology

Innovative Voice Learning Tool

LEVOOBA is short for “Learn. Voice. Battle” which also describes our product. LEVOOBA is an innovative, unique and one-of-its-kind Skill for Amazons Alexa Smart Voice Assistant that offers a competitive voice learning experience for kids of all ages. They use Alexa screen-free time to learn for school or even challenge their classmates to a competition.

Scientific research also proofs that LEVOOBA will be quite helpful to students and teachers as studies show that quizzes help learn faster, post-test scores of learners will improve significantly and it will also help teachers to make better use of their time during classes.

LEVOOBA has been nominated as a finalist in 2020s EdTech EMEA Amazon Alexa Skills Challenge – as the only Skill from Germany!


Remote Multiplayer


LEVOOBA will offer a unique remote multiplayer mode which will help students to play against their classmates that are staying at home. They can challenge each other for a game of competitive learning. Anytime, anywhere.

Screen-free time

Only use your voice!


Voice is the simplest and most used form of communication. With LEVOOBA your kids will learn by only using their voice. Make it a screen free education, that is still fun and kids will learn in a better and faster way.


Platform for Teachers


Digital education is a buzzword all over the world. With LEVOOBA you'll get a brand new, innovative digital learning plattform. Simply choose or enter your school's own learning materials and push it to the students' Alexa devices.

“This is a skill teachers can get excited about.”

Julie Daniel Davis CETL, Voice in Education Podcast Episode 78


Scientific Proof and Research Papers

Science proved

Quizzing has positive effect on chapter and semester exams


We found that students’ performance on both chapter exams and semester exams improved following quizzing relative to either not being quizzed or relative to the twice-presented items.

– “Test-Enhanced Learning in the Classroom: Long-Term Improvements From Quizzing”, Washington University in St. Louis (Source)

Research Paper

Motivation and post-test scores of learners improve significantly


The results of this study show that when a competition environment is created in a serious game, motivation and post-test scores of learners improve significantly.

– Science Direct, Computers & Education, Volume 87, September 2015, Pages 35-41 (Source)

Report Paper

Out-of-class quizzes for more in-class activities


The use of (…) out of class quizzes allowed the instructor to have significantly more time for in-class active learning activities (…) and generated more lively and in-depth class discussions because students typically read the material before class in order to perform well on the online quiz.

– “The Impact of Online Quizzes on Student Engagement and Learning”, Dr. Jennifer Hillman, Penn State Berks (Source)

Digital learning

Alexa will help students learn better and faster


Experienced team of professionals

Kristin C. Daum


Kristin started working in the e-learning and educational game scene in 2004. Her work is focused on project management, conceptual design and product development. She has been working with the leading publishers of the German school market and numerous e-Learning agencies worldwide. Kristin loves to challenge new technology to improve the learning experience for learners.

Sandra Noa


Since 2005 Sandra has been working as a freelance author and game designer. She writes articles in kid’s magazines, non-fiction books for children aged 3 to 12 and guidebooks for teachers explaining the reasonable use of digital media in school. There are also several games, apps, websites and a skill based on Sandra’s educational concept. As media educationist she teaches children the use of different media. Her focus is always: imparting knowledge in an entertaining way.

Daniel Mittendorf


Daniel has been working in the Voice sector for almost three years now. He’s focussing on educational and entertaining voice apps and skills. Based on his work he is well-known amongst the voice developer scene, named a Bixby Premier Developer in 2019 and is also part of the elite Alexa Champions group named by Amazon. Skills developed by him are ranking in Amazon’s Top 10-lists in multiple countries and he also built three award-winning Bixby Capsules.

LEVOOBA: Learn. Voice. Battle.


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